Your Holistic Virtual Assistant

Do you own a Holistic Heart-Centered Business and need Support taking your business to the next level?


I’m glad you’re here! Read on…

  • Do you need free time so you can concentrate on moving forward and expanding your biz?
  • Do you need help with
    • Customer service set-up/management/appointment setting?
    • Website updates/postings/management?
    • Telesummits? Teleseminars? Webinars?
    • E-newsletter set up? 
    • Aweber or Mailchimp or 1ShoppingCart?
    • Clean up your inbox? (a client favorite!)
  • Do you want a thriving, happy, smooth running business?
  • Do you want to finally implement your business expanding ideas?

I’d love to Assist you!

You will receive personalized Virtual Assistant Support Services based on your specific needs

I am a Holistic Entrepreneur just like you.  You will receive my services in a Joyful, Kind and Caring Way-Always upbeat!

   I respect your unique approach and
understand your Unique Business.

“For over 10 years, the number one piece of feedback I got from successful female entrepreneurs was that I should stop trying to do everything myself. I always felt I couldn’t afford help. I think the emergence of the online VA has been a brilliant opportunity for small, new businesses. The main thing that shifts people’s thinking is when I say how little it cost me the first month I hired you. I think they don’t really understand they only pay for the actual time – and that you bill more honestly than a lawyer ;)”
~Dorothy, CA


“Can I tell you how blessed I feel to have you on my team? I know I can trust you and leave this in your hands and it will be done. It brings me peace of mind.”
~Spontaneous email from a Current Client

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What you focus on, EXPANDS – let’s focus on your Business!

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